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Giving people a free gift is a great way to make them feel good about your company, service or product. When people feel good about you, they are more likely to buy from you. Even when promotional products don't bring an immediate return, they continue to work for you as advertising. Most promotional gifts and items are far less costly than other methods of advertising. There are, however, some ways to use promotional gifts that offer far more return for your value than others.

One popular method of using promotional products is as part of a two-part gift marketing strategy. These are especially popular as promotions for a grand opening, trade show or other marketing event. The basic two-part gift strategy goes like this:

Your marketing department identifies your target market and sends out a mass mailing to them containing the first part of your promotional product set. Recipients of your products are invited to bring it in to the store or the event to receive the second part of the gift, or to call for a sales appointment to receive the second part of the gift. When recipients follow the instructions that they received in their mailing, they receive the second, more valuable part of the promotional product.

One of the main advantages of using a two part gift marketing strategy is that it allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. One of the biggest problems with most promotional product or gift mail-out campaigns is that it's difficult to track how well your strategy is working. While people may be drawn to your business because of your gift, in most cases you have no way of knowing that.

When you send out a two part product mailer, you can track exactly how many people respond to your product offer because they will be identifying themselves to you when they walk through your door. If you use more sophisticated tracking methods than a simple count, you can learn enough to evaluate and tweak your marketing strategy so that it works even better next time.

The effectiveness of your two part mail-out campaign depends a great deal on your choice of business gifts for your strategy. The first part of the campaign should be lower in cost, but enticing enough to bring people in to your event for the second part of the gift. Many companies use a coupon or flyer that can be brought in to redeem the free promotional gift. While this can be effective, it's not nearly as effective at bringing people in as a small gift with the promise of a larger one at the end of the road.

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